Invest & Grow With Less Risk

We help investors get involved in billion-dollar markets that have shown historical average returns of 10-12%

More Stable Real Estate Assets

It’s time to invest in a portfolio that is diversified across many assets all over the country so that your investments are no longer impacted by local economic downturns.

We help investors get involved in non-traditional real-estate markets.

Mitigating Risk

We do not use a “buy and flip” strategy. Instead, we hold notes in our portfolio for long-term cash-flow. Our process is fast, easy and affordable for buyers.

We already have thousands of buyers in our database who have told us EXACTLY what they want to buy.

So we know exactly what to buy, where to buy it, and when. We then offer financing to those buyers to provide long-term gains to our investors. We’ve eliminated escrow, title insurance, lawyers, realtors, and collection escrow companies.

10% - 12% Returns

Investor Outlook on Quarterly Returns




$501K-$1 MILLION



What Makes Investing With Us So Great?

  • 10-12% fixed preferred return on investment
  • Collateral backing the investment includes sold notes receivable, unsold land, and loans to operating entity
  • Contributed capital to the fund will purchase collateral for the fund
  • No property acquisition fees, no asset management fees, no syndication fees
  • Land Fund 1 will leverage Discount Lots operating team to source land purchases at major discounts to market value
  • Land Fund 1 also plans to purchase existing notes receivable at major discounts to contract value
  • The fund will allow Discount Lots to continue to grow and purchase more land


Asset Backed

Passive Income

Yields Not Correlated with Broader Markets

Attractive Risk Adjusted Returns

Very Low Investment to Value Ratio

Meet the Founders

Willie Goldberg


Willie Goldberg was born and raised in Highland Park Illinois and then went on to graduate from Pomona College with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He currently resides in Pompano Beach Florida.

Willie started his career as an investment banker with reputable financial service companies Jeffries and then Wells Fargo. After a successful start in investing he then saw an opportunity in 2017 to flip land online as a side hustle while still working his full time job.

The original business Willie started, WG Lands, took off quickly and gave him the opportunity to quit his full time job to fully focus on flipping land and being his own boss. Willie crossed paths with Paul in 2019 by chance and they came together to start Discount Lots. The rest is history!

Paul Hersko


Paul Hersko was born and raised in Northbrook Illinois and then went on to graduate from the University of Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in communications and entrepreneurial management. He currently resides in Boca Raton Florida.

Paul started his career selling pharmaceutical services door to door. He then started an ecommerce store in 2016 which quickly took off and grew to 7 figure sales numbers in the first year.

After his chance encounter with Willie in 2019 he decided to join forces with Willie and start Discount Lots.

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